2024 SuperModel Contest
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"Super opportunities for aspiring Models"

1st Place Adult SuperModel 2021
winner - Makayla
Makeup: Faces by Diya, Hair: Beauty Concierge

Held on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at the Hilton Raleigh North Hills, 3415 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh North Carolina 27609, USA. Click here for Hotel booking information. . There are 3 shows that you don't want to miss:

  • 12:00 PM for the Kids and Junior show
  • 3PM for the Adults show
  • 7PM VOGUE FashionWeek Revue
All for one incredible ticket price!

As usual,
SuperModel Competition will feature 3 different looks, allowing models to present their best in fashion, creative ideas, and combined runway style.

SUPERMODEL 23 - Kids Showcase
    "Imagine your child under the bright lights, commanding the attention of the crowd and judges. Here is your child's opportunity to showcase all of that cuteness overload, personality, and confidence that mommy & daddy have always seen and others have always spoke about. SuperModel can and will build your child's confidence and self esteem in themselves by participating in a "One of a kind" showcase at the SuperModel Show!"

SUPERMODEL 23 - Junior Showcase
"Here walks our future. As a junior model you stand on the edge of greatness and opportunity. You are the one's that the world looks to as the next great someone, and by participating in the showcase of SuperModel you allow that greatness and wonderment that make you, you to develop and come out for the world to see!"

SUPERMODEL 23 - Adult Showcase
    "You have arrived! You're fully grown, now experience something new by taking on the challenge of a new adventure. The SuperModel Showcase can do that for you. We have produced many models that have gone on to be actors/actresses, graced the cover of many fashion magazines as well as professional paid models. So elevate your mind, body and looks by participating in the SuperModel competition. You might find that you were made for this! You are the next SuperModelfor 2023!"

VOGUE FashionWeek Revue
"The highly visual effect of luxury, glamour and style brought to you by seasoned Designers will leave you breathless. VOGUE FashionWeek Revue elevates the elements of style, class and ambiance that you, the audience, can experience while attending this amazing show."

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